Aloe Vera Juice Organic (Whole Leaf )

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Aloe Vera Juice Organic (Whole Leaf )


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Quick Overview

Organic whole leaf aloe vera juice

  • Certified Organic (Soil Association)

  • Unique - Whole leaf & inner gel

  • Aloin (a laxative) removed

  • Rich in polysaccarides

  • Gently processed to preserve nutrients

  • Preservative free

  • No added sweeteners, flavours or thickeners 07/16





Organic Aloe Vera Juice (99,9%), Citric Acid


International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval

Aloe Pura became the first European Aloe Vera producer to be awarded the full IASC Seal of Certification, a symbol recognised worldwide as a guarantee of Aloe content and purity.

The Story of Aloe Vera
For more than 2000 years the succulent leaf of this remarkable plant has been known and revered among cultures throughout the world for its many beneficial properties. It was called "the miracle plant“, "burn plant“ and the "medicine plant“. Today we call it Aloe Vera.

A breakthrough occurred in the research of Aloe Vera when its primary active ingredients were finally isolated. They are mucopolysaccharides, and are complex, long chains of carbohydrates. Clinical studies, using concentrated amounts of these active ingredients, have produced what could indeed be termed "miracles“ supporting Aloe's colloquial "miracle plant" name.  This has ushered in a whole new era in the use of Aloe Vera.

It was discovered that rather than just using the inner gel of the plant the whole leaf contained a much greater amount of mucopolysaccharides, and Aloe Pura adopted a new method of harvesting the goodness from the whole aloe leaf. A new manufacturing plant was then constructed, devoted to this "cold pressing“ technique.

Most aloes on the market today are not only largely devoid of the active ingredient, but use a high-heat process, which destroys the majority of the approximately 200 beneficial nutrients that occur naturally in the Aloe Vera plant of the Barbadensis Miller variety.

Many companies listing their aloe product as "98%, 99% and even 100% pure Aloe“ contain very little, or in some cases none of the active mucopolysaccharides. Due to its cold pressing and gentle processing however, our Whole Leaf Aloe has exceptional levels of these active ingredients.

Why you should take Aloe Vera and what it may do for you
When ingested, as a concentrated juice, commonly reported benefits include: more consistent stamina and energy, a greater sense of well-being, lowered allergic reactions to foods, pets, etc., improved digestion, better assimilation of nutrients, faster healing time and relief from pain.

When used externally commonly reported benefits include: relief from the pain of burns, reduction in itching, pain relief of sores, rapid healing times, increased circulation to areas of application, relief of pain associated with joints and sore muscles, remarkable results on acne.


Shake well before use.

Take 25 ml twice daily, direct or mixed wit water or fruit juice.

Refrigerate  after opening and consume within 10 days.


Do not use whilst pregnant or breast feeding. Not suitable for infants.


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