Bath Crystal Ball

Bath Crystal Ball

Bath Crystal Ball


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Quick Overview

The Bath Crystal Ball gives you protection & peace of mind while bathing:

  • Safer, more pure bath water

  • Up to 90% removal of chlorine

  • Protection for sensive skin & hair

  • Perfect travel companion


Scientific studies suggest that two thirds of our daily uptake of harmful chlorine could be through vapour inhalation and skin absorption whilst bathing.

The KDF 73 media within the Bath Crystal Ball eliminates up to 90% of dangerous chlorine by converting it to harmless chloride ions. You’ll be protected from brittle hair, skin rashes and eye irritation, not to mention all the damage caused internally.

Silky Smooth Skin
If you live in a hard water area, you’ll be familiar with lackluster bubbles and that itchy, uncomfortable feeling after you take a bath. Quartz crystals within the Bath Crystal Ball effectively disperse the molecular clusters in your water that would otherwise cause these problems. The result is dramatically improved lather and silky smooth, younger looking skin and hair.

Fully Portable
The Bath Crystal Ball hangs unobtrusively straight from your tap without the hassle of any plumbing so you really can use it absolutely anywhere.

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