Beta Glucan - Pro-Biotic

Beta Glucan - Pro-Biotic

Beta Glucan - Pro-Biotic


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Quick Overview

Contains Beta Glucans & a powerful, proprietary pro-biotic mix & select fibre combinations.  Designed to:

  • aggressively protects against food borne pathogens

  • neutralise xenobiotics,

  • dietary toxins, mutagens,

  • and various infectious organisms.

The formula may aid the body in its ability to heal and protect the mucosal membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.


Ingredients (per 2 Tablespoons/ 13g):

66 billion CFU of L acidophilus, L.casei rhamnosus, L.plantarum,  S.thermophilus and B.longum

8.52 g of Aot Bran -(10% Beta Glucan fibre 850 mg), 2.56 g Inulin (from Chicory Root), 1.7 g Red Beet Root


 Healing Benefits:

  • Beta Glucan short chains and the Original strains work synergistically to prime the immune system.
  • Beta Glucan long chains create the perfect matrix in the GI tract for robust colonization.
  • Beta Glucan reduces absorption of fat and slows assimilation of carbohydrates.
  • Beet betalains prevent oxidation of LDLs and lower triglycerides.
  • Stimulate Phase II liver detox.
  • The byproduct of Beta Glucan and Inulin fermentation in the colon is butyric acid: Stimulates stem cells differentiation within the crypts of the small intestinal and colonic epithelium.
  • Powerful combination of Probiotic & fibers for regular bowel habit.
  • Weight management: promotes satiety and may help the body balance blood sugar.

Combination of Green Technology for highest phytonutrient potential, Microbiome Technology for pure cultures of pedigreed strains of standardized referenced material and Patented Technology for the process of liberating the beta-glucan molecules.

Microbiome technology creates hardy and viable pedigreed Original strains: 25 billion L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, S. thermophilus.

Original strains of lactic acid bacteria are based on ATCC prototypical strains and confirmed routinely by 16sRNA sequencing to provide highest quality probiotic material.

Pure mix: organic matrix USDA patented hydrocolloidal beta glucan oat bran (75%), organic whole red beet root (15%) and organic inulin from chicory fiber (10%).

Qualifies for the American Heart Association and the FDA "Heart Healthy" seal of approval: improving lipid serum levels.

Beta Glucan benefits from the Original strains:
Protects, counteracts and neutralizes dietary toxins, mutagens, carcinogens and infectious organisms.

The collective ability of the Original probiotic organisms to protect the frontline border of our GI tract membrane from the aggressive enterovirulent pathoges is accomplished via: the production of bactercins, creation of an acid barrier, stimulation of the cell mediated immune system and protective colonization of enterocytes.


Mix 2 tablespoons in a glass of water (before largest meal)  – this makes a milky, taste neutral drink.

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