Blood Group Test (Eldoncard)

Blood Group Test (Eldoncard)

Blood Group Test (Eldoncard)


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Quick Overview

Easy to use self test to learn your blood group.

  • Know your Blood Group in 2 minutes

  • Simple finger-prick self test kit

  • No lab or Doctor needed

  • Ideal for "Eat Right 4 Your Type" Book


Ingredients Per Set):

1 Eldoncard 2511
1 Cleansing Swab
1 Automatic Lancet
1 Eldon Foil 2511
1 Bag w/1 Cotton Ball + 4 Eldon Sticks
1 Plastic Dropper
1 Instruction


Your Blood Group
With Eldoncard you will not only know whether your Blood Group is A, O, B, or AB, but also whether you are Rhesus Positive or Rhesus Negative.

Blood Group Testing
Named after the Danish Physician who developed them in 1950, Eldoncard remains the benchmark dry blood group test throughout the world.  Used internationally for its proven accuracy in hospitals as well as in remote, challenging environments such as ships and battlefields.

Diets for Blood Group
Blood Group Diets have proven to be hugely successful, but first you need to know your type.  This accurate, reliable system is ideal for those wanting to follow appropriate dietary recommendations based on their blood group, such as the Blood Group Diet, or the excellent "Eat Right 4 Your Type " by Dr Peter J D'Adamo with Catherine Whitney.

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