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Borax may be used for cleaning your body, clothes, dishes and even floors and walls.

  • Cleans, deodorizes & disinfects

  • Softens water

  • Repels cockroaches and other bugs


Borax is best known as a laundry booster; it helps soften hard water to leave your clothes cleaner and brighter. Borax is a non-toxic household cleaner. Uses include disinfecting and deodorizing to preserving cut flowers.

What Is Borax?
Borax, or sodium borate, is a naturally occurring alkaline mineral found in large quantities in the Western United States and Tibet.

Borax is a naturally occurring, alkaline mineral commonly mined from dried salt lakes, and is the source of manufactured boron compounds. The main deposits are in California, Turkey and Tibet.

Borax's chemical names are sodium tetraborate decahydrate, disodium tetraborate pentahydrate, or simply sodium borate. This means it contains four atoms of boron as its central feature combined with two sodium atoms and ten molecules (or sometimes less) of crystallisation water. All borax is naturally mined, there is no synthetic borax, the difference is only how much crystallisation water it contains - decahydrate means 10 water molecules, pentahydrate means 5, and anhydrite means 0 water; chemically it is all the same.

Potential impurities consist of sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate and phosphate but not toxic or heavy metals. This includes the borax commonly used as household cleaner. Pharmaceutical grade is not noticeably purer or better.

How Safe is Borax?
Borax has no toxic fumes and is safe for the environment. Borax can irritate skin and should not be ingested.

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