CalMac Original

CalMac Original

CalMac Original


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Quick Overview

Relax and restore your mineral reserves!

  • 3:1 Calcium Magnesium recovery

  • Recover after physical exertion

  • Relax and sleep soundly

  • Restore the body's most abundant minerals


CalMac is a Calcium Magnesium powder supplement that the body can absorb rapidly and easily.  It is able to restore calcium and magnesium reserves after stressfull, hard-working or sport filled days.

CalMac has been one of our most successful products for many years.

Ingredients (Serving Size: 2 tsp / 7g):

450 mg Elemental Calcium (as Calcium Ascorbate & Calcium Gluconate)

150 mg Elemental Magnesium (as Magnesium Ascorbate & Magnesium Carbonate)

450 mg Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Ascorbate & Magnesium Ascorbate)

Citric Acid


CalMac is ideally suited as a supplement for children and adolescents during their growth phases.  It is an appropriate mineral support for all, particularly during periods of physical exertion or sports activity.


Shake container before use.

Simply put 2 teaspoons of powder into a cup and dissolve by adding half a cup of boiling water. 

Stir until clear, allow to cool and drink. 

Adding a generous squeeze of fresh lemon or another mildly acidic juice enhances the flavour and assists in the uptake of the minerals.

Suggested use are 1-2 servings per day.


People taking prescribed medicines or those who are seriously ill, as well as pregnant or breast-feeding women should always refer to their doctor before taking this supplement.

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