Cayenne 500mg (Organic)

Cayenne 500mg (Organic)

Cayenne 500mg (Organic)


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Quick Overview

Cayenne is one of the most effective stimulation spices.  It is reputed to have beneficial effects which support:

  • Circulation & blood pressure

  • cardiovascular cleansing

  • strengthening of the heart

  • wound healing & digestion

  • pain killing

  • cholesterol balancing


Ingredients (per Capsule):

500 mg Cayenne powder (Capsicum annuum) *37800 SCU (heat units), veg. cellulose capsule


Cayenne is one of the most effective stimulation products and has a reputation for its particular effects on digestion and the cardiovascular system. It is said to regulates blood pressure, strengthen the heart, cleanse the cardiovascular system, supports wound healing and digestion, and be good for pain killing and helping to reduce cholesterol levels.


Take 1-3 capsules daily with a meal or as directed.

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