Cell Salts - Tissue & Plasma Salts (Formerly - Bioplasma)

Cell Salts - Tissue & Plasma Salts (Formerly - Bioplasma)

Cell Salts - Tissue & Plasma Salts (Formerly - Bioplasma)


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Quick Overview

Cell Salts are a blend of minerals and trace elements provided as tissue and plasma salts. These have been shown to help

  • regulate the acid-base-balance

  • remove deposits within joints, spinal column & connective tissue




Supplement Facts:
Serving size 10 tablets
Servings per container 75
 Mineral  % Daily Value
 Calcium phosphate  <1%
 Calcium sulfate  <1%
 Iron phosphate  <1%
 Potassium chloride  <1%
 Potassium phosphate  <1%
 Potassium sulfate  <1%
 Magnesium phosphate  <1%
 Sodium phosphate  <1%
 Sodium sulfate  <1%
 Sodium chloride  <1%
Silicon dioxide <1%

other ingredients: Xylitol, di-calcium phosphate, magnesium sterarate, sodium croscarmellose, hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Product is free of milk,egg, fish, crustacean shell fish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and soybeans. Gluten  free.


Place some tablets under the tongue and let them dissolve.

Additional Information

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