Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 625 Tbl. / 200mg

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 625 Tbl. / 200mg

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 625 Tbl. / 200mg


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Quick Overview

100% pure Chlorella Pyrenoidosa No Fillers.  Chlorella Benefits include:

  • detoxification (esp. amalgam)

  • helps the body regulate blood pressure

  • strengthens body’s own ‘anti-oxidant system’

  • great nutrition for children

  • ideal for pregnant & nursing mums

  • Cell wall broken for best absorption


Ingredients (per Tablet):

200 mg Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Lactose - and glutenfree!


Chlorella’s benefits are:
• strengthening of the body’s own ‘anti-oxidant system’
• increase of the body’s energy
• detoxification (especially heavy metals/amalgam)
• helps the body regulate blood pressure and fat metabolism, improving the functioning of the liver
• beneficial for the eyes (e.g., when there are tendencies towards macular-degeneration and cataracts)
• protection against infections caused by bacteria, virus and fungi by means of strengthening the body’s immune system
• support of gastro-intestinal function (cleans colon and bowel)
• helps the body improve the health of joints and muscles
• increases the body’s ability to resist disease when the immune system is already under performing due to severe illness or certain drug treatments.
• a natural supplement for a balanced daily diet (particularly for vegetarians as it supplies essential amino acids)
• a sensible nutritional support for children as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

C.P. Protect-200 is the result of many years of ongoing collaboration with Chlorella farms in the most traditional, cleanest and least industrialised areas in the world.  In these Asian countries, the conditions for a natural and successful growth of Chlorella are unsurpassed. We are proud to have developed relationships with the highest quality producers of the very best quality Chlorella available anywhere in the world.

Chlorella’s powerful effect is based on:
• The highest chlorophyll content of all plants
• approximately 60% is high-quality vegetable protein (incorporating all eight essential amino acids)
• numerous vitamins, e.g. vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, vitamin B complex as well as vitamin B12
• multiple minerals and trace minerals, including calcium, magnesium and zinc
• miscellaneous exclusive vegetable fibres such as chlorellin, sporopollein etc.
• an incredibly robust cell structure with protective substances against radiation and toxins caused by pollution
• the unique natural growth factor C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor)

The naturally concentrated nutrient value of Chlorella makes C.P.-Protect-200 a prime protection power! For our health, C.P. Protect can assist the body in providing an effective and completely natural protection against all kinds of disease.

Each pot of C.P. Protect-200 contains the purest freshwater microalgae Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (approximately 625 or 2,500 tablets depending on the size of the container) free of any additives or preservatives. C.P. Protect-200 is not a seawater algae and therefore contains very little or no iodine at all.


20 tablets a day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.
(It is considered safe to consume many times this amount.)
Take with a glass of water and ideally approx 1 hour before meals.

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