Modere Mouth Rinse 500ml

Modere Mouth Rinse 500ml

Modere Mouth Rinse 500ml


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Quick Overview

Eliminate the food particles that lead to tooth decay and bad breath.

  • Oxidises food films & odours

  • Helps control tooth decay & gum disease

  • Pleasant tasting for adults & children



Water, Sodium chlorite (stabilized chlorine dioxide), flavour / aroma


Modere Mouth Rinse mouthwash no alcohol and is based on stabilised Anthium Dioxide. It helps control tooth decay and gum disease by its unique ability to break down food films that cling to the teeth and build-up on gums.

These films, if not removed feed oral bacteria, which excrete acids and lead to decay and cavities. By starving the bacteria the incidence of decay can be significantly reduced.

The build up of plaque (a combination of bacteria and food films) is the main cause of Dental gum disease.

Modere Mouth Rinse is designed to enhance dental health and hygiene and give a fresh breath of confidence.


Thoroughly rinse mouth with 1 capful for 30 seconds.

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