Fructo Borate (Boron Supplement)

Fructo Borate (Boron Supplement)

Fructo Borate (Boron Supplement)


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Quick Overview

Fructo Borate is a unique, patented formula delivering boron in the only form your body recognises.  Studies show:

  • Osteoporosis relief

  • reduction in or elimination of pain

  • Increase in movement and

  • Reduction in inflammation

  • Prostate protection and reduction in PSA

  • Increased levels of free Testosterone

  • Increased blood vitamin D

No excipients, binders or fillers


Ingredients (per Capsule):

26 mg Calcium (from 260 mg Calcium Ascorbate), 240 mg Fructo Borate Complex (yields 6 mg elemental Boron), cellulose and water (capsule shell)


Patented Technology creates a highly effective Fructo Borate molecule.

New form of boron supplementation: US patented carbohydrate bound boron.

Exact duplicate of dietary boron found in fruits, vegetable and nuts.

Association Constant high: Receptor sites receive entire molecule.

Osteoporosis: An exceptional Boron supplement which reduces excretion of Mg and Ca, re-mineralizes bone. Reduces pain and swelling and increases mobility.
immune system: Down-regulates over-reactive neutrophil levels.
Anti-oxidant: Increases SOD and Catalase production.
Anti-aging: Increases Vitamin D and Steroid hormone levels in the blood.
Prostate: May reduce PSA marker for prostate...

Clinical trial: 1 to 2 capsules BID to reduce pain and regenerate bone; 1 capsule daily for maintenance. Observed results period is from 2-8 weeks.

Osteoarthritis Study excerpt:

Results:  Major pain-management or comfort improvements in most patients were observed within 5 days to two weeks.  Total effect of Fructo Borate in mild and moderate OA patients were (1) less or no pain after 4 weeks - 62.5% and after 8 weeks - 70.83%; (2) less or no stiffness after 4 weeks - 87.5% and after 8 weeks 87.5%; (3) less or no movement restriction after 4 weeks - 71.43% and after 8 weeks - 77.7%.  Total effects of Fructo Borate in severe OA patients were (1) less or no pain after 4 weeks - 47.85% and after 8 weeks - 64.5%; (2) less or no stiffness after 4 weeks - 50%, (3) less or no movement restriction after 4 weeks - 50% and after 8 weeks - 62.5%.
Conclusion:  Fructo Borate is particularly effective in reducing pain and improving physical function of range of joint movement.

Read Full Osteoporosis Study Report Here

Read Vitamin D Report Here


-1-2x 1 capsule daily or as directed

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