Glucosamine Sulphate - Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine Sulphate - Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine Sulphate - Glucosamine Sulfate


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Quick Overview

Glucosamine Sulphate is an integral part of nails, tendons, eyes, bones and the heart chamber. Studies suggest it is particularly helpful for

  • stimulating repair in worn-out joints

  • joint pain relief

  • maintenance of 'joint gapping'

  • natural anti-inflammatory

  • joint support during sports


Ingredients (Serving Size 1 capsule):

500 mg Glucosamine sulfate, magnesium carbonate, gelatin, water.

Product contains crusteacean shell fish derivates.

Is free of milk, egg, fish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and soybeans. Gluten free! 


Glucosamine Sulphateis a particularly well absorbed glucosamine combination which may help to relieve pain in osteoarthritis particularly of the hips and knees. Certain studies suggest the supplement may be equally as beneficial as the standard treatment provided by doctors in mild to moderate arthritis.  The Standard treatment is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.

In contrast to these NSAIDs, Glucosamine Sulphate seems to be fairly safe, with no recorded side effects. Listed side effects of NSAIDs on the other hand include irritation of the stomach lining and bleeding from the gut.

Research suggests glucosamine sulphate may have a positive effect in slowing the progression of arthritis (known as a chondroprotective effect) by helping to keep joint cartilage healthy and maintaining joint gaps.  Although it may not be sufficient for those who already have severe pain and degeneration from arthritis.

Glucosamine is made by your body
Glucosamine is a natural molecule made by your body. It comprises glucose combined with and an amine (nitrogen and two molecules of hydrogen).  This Glucos(e)-amine plays a key role in helping to keep all the joints the body lubricated and supple.

Glucosamine stimulates the manufacture of glycosaminoglycans, a major component of cartilage which lines the joint surfaces. Glucosamine also encourages the incorporation of sulfur into cartilage. This is why glucosamine sulfate is the most effective form of glucosamine supplement to help the body protect and preserve joint structure and function.

Glucosamine Sulphate Is Used in Professional Sports
Throughout the sports industry from tennis to rugby, professional sports men and women are using glucosamine sulphate to preserve and repair their highly stressed joints.  England Rugby legend Lawrence Dallaglio took advantage of this remarkable supplement to ensure his recovery from a serious knee ligament injury that threatened his career.

Glucosamine Age and Arthritis

As we age, many of us lose our ability to manufacture sufficient glucosamine. It is hypothesised that our failure to keep up with the required supply, may be a major factor leading to the degeneration of our joints.  This may lead to painful joint movement and destruction of joint cartilage.

The clear connection between Glucosamine and the joints, led researchers to investigate what would be the result if those with painful joints were to take a Glucosamine supplement.  The results were dramatic! Oral glucosamine sulphate proved to be extremely beneficial for joint repair and rebuilding - particularly in age related arthritic conditions.

Don't Delay Too Long
Osteoarthritis is VERY common.  It is more prevalent in men below the age of 45, but women swiftly overtake around the menopause and outnumber men with degenerative joint disease by 10 to 1 in their 50s and 60s.

The disease often starts almost imperceptible, with achy joints on waking, and slowly becomes more debilitating over the months or years.  The gradual joint destruction starts with break down of the cartilage followed by the development of bone spurs in the margins, limiting movement.

Evidence suggests that early intervention with supplemental glucosamine may slow or stop further degeneration, and even slowly regenerate existing damage. It stands to reason however, that more severe damage will take longer to repair and that your body may not be able to catch up with the deficit.

Glucosamine Sulphate & Sports Injuries
Impact and strain injuries resulting in joint pains and damage are commonplace in athletes and sports people.  When this occurs, the body must self repair, making use of its reserves of collagen, fibrin and other restorative substances.  Glucosamine is a major limiting factor in this process, and without adequate supplies, the body will either not recover adequately, or will be forced to scavenge nutrients from elsewhere in the body, thereby setting up other weaknesses.  These facts are known by professional sports physiotherapists, who recommend this supplement particularly to high impact sports professionals.

What The Research Suggests
Glucosamine is available in several forms including Glucosamine Sulphate which is the form shown by the research to have positive, joint repairing effects.  Glucosamine hydrochloride and N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) have not been shown to have the beneficial effects, and NAG may have some toxic effect.  We therefore strongly advocate the oral ingestion of high quality Glucosamine Sulphate only.

Will it Reach Your Joints?
Glucosamine has been shown to be tremendously absorbable in humans and studies show it is preferentially shuttled to the joints and cartilaginous structures, where it stimulates the body's manufacture of chondroitin sulfate and other mucopolysaccharides.

Human clinical studies were conducted with an oral intake of 750 to 1,500mg of pharmaceutical quality Glucosamine Sulphate daily.  This stimulated measurable regeneration in osteoarthritis when biopsies were observed with electron microscopy.

We recommend 2 - 3 capsules of glucosamine sulphate daily, taken with meals.

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