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Kidney-Plex is a remarkable tincture we have blended for you, of concentrated herbs, traditionally used to both cleanse and strengthen the kidneys.

Kidney-Plex includes the herbs:

  • Hydrangea Root, Gravel Root

  • Marshmallow Root, Uva Ursi

  • Goldenrod & Ginger Root



KidneyPlex contains the following herbs in a 27% ethanol base for deepest absorption:

Hydrangea root, Gravel root, Marshmallow root, Uva Ursi, Goldenrod and Ginger root


Improvement in Kidney health may lead to lessening of urinary or kidney pain, improvements in blood pressure, lessening or elimination of low back pain and a general improvement in overall health.  The kidneys are the primary elimination organs for water soluble toxins in the blood-stream.


3x 30 drops daily or as directed.

For those wishing to reduce the alcohol content, it may be dropped into hot water and allowed to stand.
Much of the alcohol will evaporate off.

Shake well before use.

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