Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox

  • » Schwermetalle schädigen die Zellen
  • » Stören die Zellkommunikation
  • » Lassen Krebs entstehen durch fehlerhafte Zellreparatur
  • » Stören das Immunsystem
  • » Haben Metallallergien zur Folge


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  • Cela-2-M 100ml

    Cela-2-M 100ml

    Remove Plaques and metals with Cela-2-m oral chelation formula.

    • Remove plaques buildups
    • Eliminate metals
    • Allow better circulation
    • Maintain cleaner, unobstructed arteries
  • Cela-2-M 50 ml

    Cela-2-M 50 ml

    Cela-2-m oral chelation formula. Improve your circulation, reduce toxic metals and plaques and regain your health.

    • Remove plaque buildups
    • Enhance elimination of metals
    • Allow better circulation
    • Maintain cleaner, unobstructed arteries
  • Chem X

    Chem X

    Chem X is a class leader in herbal detoxification of 21st Century toxicity.  Designed to support your:

    • Liver & Kidney & Blood detox & elimination
    • Lymph & Bowel detox and drainage
    • Daily, whole body cleansing

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  • Chlorella Vulgaris 2500 Tbl  200 mg

    Chlorella Vulgaris 2500 Tbl 200 mg

    100% pure Chlorella Vulgaris No Fillers.  Chlorella Benefits include:

    • detoxification (esp. amalgam)
    • helps regulate blood pressure
    • strengthens body’s own ‘anti-oxidant system’
    • great nutrition for children
    • ideal for pregnant & nursing mums
    • Cell wall broken for best absorption
    • Vulgaris is best for sensitive stomachs
  • L-Methionine 500 mg

    L-Methionine 500 mg

    L-Methionine is an essential amino acid required to make two other amino acids - cysteine and taurine.  These three combine to:

    • Help your body get rid of fat
    • Help you eliminate toxins
    • Influences your glutathione level
    • May reduce allergic reactions


  • Magic Green

    Magic Green

    Magic Green is Nature’s Miracle Food. A Chlorella mist in a liquid suspension:

    • Binds metals in the oral cavity
    • Mops metals from gut, blood and lymph
    • Ideal during amalgam extraction
    • Fine chlorella mist in liquid suspension for massive surface area & absorption
    • Economical - less chlorella binds more metals

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