Water Filter Systems

Water Filter Systems


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  • Bath Crystal Ball

    Bath Crystal Ball

    The Bath Crystal Ball gives you protection & peace of mind while bathing:
    • Safer, more pure bath water
    • Up to 90% removal of chlorine
    • Protection for sensive skin & hair
    • Perfect travel companion
  • Fresh Water 1000 (with Contemporary Mini Tap)

    Fresh Water 1000 (with Contemporary Mini Tap)

    Our premium stainless steel under-sink Fresh Water 1000 offers
    • 7 stage filtration system
    • complete with line-piercing
    • non-return valve &
    • elegant designer tap

  • Fresh Water 2000 (with Contemporary Mini Tap)

    Fresh Water 2000 (with Contemporary Mini Tap)

    Our premium quality Fresh Water 2000 water purifier has all the benefits of the Fresh Water 1000 with the addition of:

    • increased flow rates
    • reduced cartridge replacement frequency
    • Fluoride or Nitrate specific filters
  • Shower Filter (SH-CQ )

    Shower Filter (SH-CQ )

    Shower Filter - You absorb more chlorine (bleach) into your body during a 10 minute shower than by drinking a gallon of unfiltered tap water!

    • Removes 98% of heavy metals in the water
    • Removes 95% of chlorine in shower water
    • Removes chemical substances in water
    • Stops bacterial growth by applying KDF filter
    • Restore your hair quality
    • Remove a major cause of dandruff
    • Regain supple, moist skin
  • Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

    Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

    Long-life replacement shower filter cartridge featuring

    • Patented KDF-55 filtration medium
    • Removes Chlorine, arsenic, mercury
    • Hydrogen sulphide
    • algae and bacteria
    • Lasts 10-20 times longer ...
    • Fits Shower Filter SH-CQ

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