Oregano Toothpowder

Oregano Toothpowder

Oregano Toothpowder


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Our mouth tingling Oregano Tooth Powder combines oregano, wintergreens and peppermint oils as a powerful, all natural oral hygiene powder designed to:

  • Refresh your teeth & gums

  • Powerfully freshen your breath

  • Fight gum disease

  • Fight bacteria & infections




Sodium Bicarbonate, sodium chloride (kosher), grain alcohol, pure oils of wintergreen, peppermint and oregano.


Does not contain toxic ingredients, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, thickener or foaming agents.

Furthermore no triclosan is included (which is classified as carcinogen by Environmental Protection Agency).

Oregano oil contains carvacrol and thymol, natural plant chemicals with antimicrobial properties.

Wintregreen's essential oil, an antibacterial, contains methyl salicylate. This can help with sor and inflamed gums.

Peppermint oil is a antimicrobial and helps rid the mouth of oral bacteria.


Put pea-sized amount of powder in palm of hand. Dip damp toothbrush into powder and brush teeth.


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