Standard Hand Cream

Standard Hand Cream

Standard Hand Cream


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Quick Overview

Standard Hand Cream works immediately and just keeps working

  • Rubs in rapidly

  • Essentially odorless (no perfumes used)

  • Not greasy or oily

  • Restores normal conductivity

  • Not a vanishing cream

  • Makes skin feel soft and silky

  • Singularly effective in session

  • Outperforms other hand creams



Water, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, steareth-21, steareth-2, stearyl alcohol, citric acid and potassium sorbate


Finally there is a healthy Hand Cream, that works after the first application and keeps on working. No perfume, no irritants, no nasty surprises.  Just an excellent, simple hand-cream that will leave your skin healthy, supple and moist.


To relieve dry hands (or other dry skin areas), apply a small amount (use less than you would for other creams or lotions) and rub in well.
Any slight stickiness will turn to a soft silky feel very quickly. The only time you may need to reapply is after washing.

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