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Female Sexual Health

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  • L-Histidine 600 mg

    L-Histidine 600 mg

    L-Hystidine is particularly important to the myelin sheaths that coats the nerves and ensure the transmission of messages from the brain throughout the body.  Supplementation may provide:

    • Neurological support
    • Rheumatoid arthritis relief
    • Sexual function improvement

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  • Lafam 400 mg

    Lafam 400 mg

    Lafam - The all natural relief formula for women, traditionally used for:

    • Menopause
    • Premenstrual Syndrome
    • Female hormone balancing
    • Progesterone stimulation

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  • MenoBalance


    Die Kombination aus Wilder Yamswurzel, Dong Quai, Rotklee und Mönchspfeffer wird speziell zur Linderung von Beschwerden der Frau eingesetzt

      • sorgt für hormonelles Gleichgewicht
      • Hitzewallungen
      • PMS
      • Menstruationsbeschwerden
  • Selenium (amino acid complex) 200 mcg

    Selenium (amino acid complex) 200 mcg

    We are delighted to offer you this 100% natural Selenium supplement.  Selenium may:

    • Support your liver function
    • Help you fight free radical damage
    • Assist you in fighting viral & bacterial infection
  • Vitamin B12 Sublingual (MethlyCobalamin)

    Vitamin B12 Sublingual (MethlyCobalamin)

    Together with other B Vitamins, B12 (Cobalamine) is used to turn food into energy. Studies suggest it may also:

    • guard against heart disease
    • & mental disorders
    • protect you from anemia
    • be used for myelin
  • Wild Yam Capsules

    Wild Yam Capsules

    Wild Yam's  key nutrients are precursors of DHEA & natural progesterone.
    Rectifying low progesterone, oestrogen dominance may:

    • Maintain the endometrium
    • Protects against breast cysts
    • Act as natural HRT with  positive effects
    • Help burn fat for energy

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6 Item(s)

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