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  • Agrisept- L

    Agrisept- L

    Traditionally used by those struggling with:

    • candida yeast overgrowth
    • inability to lose weight
    • poor gut flora balance

    Candida Albincans (yeast overgrowth) may present an obstacle to normal weight loss.

  • Alpha Biotika (liquid pro-biotic)

    Alpha Biotika (liquid pro-biotic)

    A remarkable, live formula that may be helpful in the following conditions:

    • General digestive disorders
    • Candida
    • Diabetes or blood sugar imbalances
    • Poor nutrient absorption
    • Colonic ailments
    • Immune system deficiencies
    • As a recovery tonic after illnesses
    • To address yeast infections
  • Bowel Cleanse 1

    Bowel Cleanse 1

    Dr Hulda Clark's Bowel Cleanse 1 contains all the ingredients she recommends.  Hulda Clark suggests bacteria may be responsible for:

    • General ill health
    • Poor nutirent uptake
    • Gut pain or tummy ache
    • Bloating & wind or gas
    • Gut dysbiosis, IBS & constipation


  • Cela-2-M 100ml

    Cela-2-M 100ml

    Remove Plaques and metals with Cela-2-m oral chelation formula.

    • Remove plaques buildups
    • Eliminate metals
    • Allow better circulation
    • Maintain cleaner, unobstructed arteries
  • Kolloidales Silber 100 ml

    Colloidal Silver 14.000 mcg/L - 100ml

    Finest quality Colloidal Silver.  Traditionally used

    • on burns and wounds
    • as a gentle sterilising agent
    • fot its antiviral properties
    • as an antibacterial agent
    • Produced with the best equipment
  • Leber Plex


    Liver-Plex is an advanced tincture of 10 herbs which combine synergistically to cleanse, support and strengthen the liver.

    • All-round liver health
    • Cleansing & strengthening
    • Easy to take
    • Suitable for adults & children
  • Milk Thistle (seed extract)

    Milk Thistle (seed extract)

    Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) has a remarkable reputation as a liver tonic.  Reported benefits include:

    • Improved digestion of proteins & fats
    • Liver discomfort reduction
    • Hangover reduction
    • Bowel function improvements
    • Over all health benefits
  • Olivenblatt Extrakt 100 ml

    Olive Leaf Extract 100 ml

    Olive leaf Extract contains multiple, virus killing irridoids and has tradtitionally been used in the treatment of:

    • viruses (especially retroviruses)
    • antibiotic resistant bacteria
    • yeasts
    • fungi and parasites
  • Oregano Oil

    Oregano Oil

    Oregano Oil is from a powerful healing herb, traditionally used for centuries by those with.

    • staph, strep, & E.coli infections
    • fungal conditions (even for mutated strains)
    • inflammatory, antihistamine reactions
    • It may stop allergic reactions in their tracks.
  • Organic Freeze Dried Garlic

    Organic Freeze Dried Garlic

    Our Organic, High Potency, Freeze Dried Garlic is probaly the best quality anywhere in the wold.

    • QAI certified raw organic garlic
    • 400mg Allium Sativum
    • 26,800 ppm alliin
    • 11mg  Alliin per 400mg
    • Double the Alliin of other brands
    • Capsule - Cellulose & water
    • No other ingredients
  • Zinc (Gluconate) 100 mg

    Zinc (Gluconate) 100 mg

    Zinc is an essential trace mineral which contributes to: 

    • DNA and protein synthesis
    • acid-base metabolism
    • carbohydrate metabolism
    • cognitive function
    • fertility and reproduction
    • macronutrient metabolism
    • fatty acid metabolism
    • vitamin A metabolism
    • maintenance of normal bones



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