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  • Alcohol Free Black Walnut Extract (from Green Hulls)

    Alcohol Free Black Walnut Extract (from Green Hulls)

    Black Walnut Extract From Green Hull - Extra Strength - Guaranteed Alcohol Free .  Black walnut tincture is traditionally used for:

    • worms, flukes & parasites
    • constipation & hemorrhoids
    • fungal & toxic blood conditions
    • mouth sores & herpes
    • acne, eczema & skin conditions

    Black Walnut Tincture is part of the famous Hulda Clark Parasite Programme.

  • Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

    Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

    Our Dr Hulda Clark Zapper offers the following optimum benefits:

    • oscillating, constantly variable, sweeping, pulsed frequencies
    • frequency range of 10Hz to 40kHz
    • easy to use and check
    • constant battery output
  • Leinsamenöl Kps

    Linseed Capsules - Omega 3,6 & 9 (vegan)

    Fantastic Quality, Cold Pressed Linseed oil in Vegetarian Capsules:

    • Essential oils for immunity,
    • cardiovascular health, joint health,
    • hair skin and nails
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
    • 56% Alpha Lipoic Acid - Omega 3
    • 18% Oleic Acid - Omega 9
    • 17% Linoleic Acid - Omega 6
  • Para-X ( ParaX ) Alcohol Free 100 ml

    Para-X ( ParaX ) Alcohol Free 100 ml

    Para X or ParaX - The Ultimate herbal formula, traditionally used by those with:

    • Parasites (incl. worms & flukes)
    • chronic ill health
    • sickness during travel
    • viral infections
    • bacterial and fungal infections
    • skin conditions including ringworm

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  • Sun is Shining Supergreens

    Sun is Shining (formerly Natures First Food)

    Sun is Shinng is a whole-food formula.

    • 100% raw, organic or wild-crafted superfoods
    • probiotic and enzyme complex
    • powerful ingredients as green grasses, dark leafy green vegetables, herbs, algae and sea vegetables
    • powerful alkalizing and energizing

5 Item(s)

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