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  • CandiGone


    CandiGone is a powerful, synergistic blend of herbs and minerals designed to:

    • Wipe out Candida, fungus & yeast
    • Assist in rebalancing bowel flora
    • Get results with NO fillers or binders
    New Formula!

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  • CleanseMORE


    CleanseMore is a natural purge formula designed to:

    • promote normal, healthy bowel movements
    • ease occasional constipation.
    • purge the colon

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  • CleanseSMART


    CleanseSMART is a natural formula of herbs and minerals traditionally used to:

    • cleanse & detoxify the organs
    • including the  liver, kidneys,
    • heart, lungs and skin.

    Out of stock

  • FloraSmart


    FloraSMART is a highly potent probiotic formula that can be used by anyone.  It contains:

    • 2.7 billion lactobacillus acidophilus
    • 2.1 billion bifidobacterium bifidum
    • 300 million bifidobacterium longum
    • 300 million lactobacilus casei
    • 300 million lactobacilus rhamnosus
    • 300 million lactobacilus salivarius
    • Biotract Delivery System

    Out of stock

  • Heavy Metal Cleanse

    Heavy Metal Cleanse

    Heavy Metal Cleanse contains natural ingredients traditionally used to assist the body in removal of mercury/heavy metals.

    • Two-phase detoxification & cleansing
    • 30 day programme
    • Simple morning & evening formula
    • Promotes heavy metal capture & removal
    • Replenishes beneficial nutrients


    Temporarily out of stock!!


    Out of stock

  • LiverDTX

    LiverDETOX (Liver Detox)

    Cleansing and detoxing your liver may provide the following benefits:

    • Improved digestion
    • Better nutrient absorption
    • Fewer aches and pains
    • General feeling of well-being

    New Formulation!


    Out of stock

6 Item(s)

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