Cognitive Function

Cognitive Function

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  • Cela-2-M 100ml

    Cela-2-M 100ml

    Remove Plaques and metals with Cela-2-m oral chelation formula.

    • Remove plaques buildups
    • Eliminate metals
    • Allow better circulation
    • Maintain cleaner, unobstructed arteries
  • Cela-2-M 50 ml

    Cela-2-M 50 ml

    Cela-2-m oral chelation formula. Improve your circulation, reduce toxic metals and plaques and regain your health.

    • Remove plaque buildups
    • Enhance elimination of metals
    • Allow better circulation
    • Maintain cleaner, unobstructed arteries
  • Cholin und Inositol

    Choline and Inositol

    A lack of choline and inositol may be implicated in:

    • poor memory and brain function
    • poor cardiovascular health
    • impaired or damaged cholesterol
    • constipation and poor bile flow
    • mood swings and irritability
    • poor skin quality and hair loss

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  • Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba has been used medicinally for many thousands of years.

    • 400 mg Ginkgo Biloba per capsule
    • Highly researched herb for its possible effects on brain function and memory
  • Innate B-Complex 90 Tbl.

    Innate B-Complex 90 Tbl.

    Vitamin B Complex is important for healthy

    • Brain function & nervous system
    • Skin, eyes & hair
    • Liver & digestive system
    • Muscular tone
    • Exceptionally pure, raw food
    • 100% Whole Food - NOT chemicals
    • Cold milled to 10 microns
  • Ultra B100

    Ultra B100 501 mg / 100 Kps,

    Alle B-Vitamine sind:

    • wichtig bei der Regulation des Kohlenhydrat-, Fett- und Eiweißstoffwechsels

    • essentiell bei der Blutbildung

    • sogenannter Radikalfänger
  • Vital B-100 (formerly B1-Bomber)

    Vital B-100 (formerly B1-Bomber)

    As seen on TV, Vital B 100 is the ultimate supplement to support you through modern day stress which may cause deficiency leading to:

    • Stress anxiety and panic
    • Stiffness in shoulders & neck
    • Headaches & poor concentration

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