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  • Alpha Biotika (liquid pro-biotic)

    Alpha Biotika (liquid pro-biotic)

    A remarkable, live formula that may be helpful in the following conditions:

    • General digestive disorders
    • Candida
    • Diabetes or blood sugar imbalances
    • Poor nutrient absorption
    • Colonic ailments
    • Immune system deficiencies
    • As a recovery tonic after illnesses
    • To address yeast infections

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  • Black Walnut Extract

    Black Walnut Extract


    Our Black Walnut Extract (Tincture) Extra Strength offers Guaranteed Quality and is traditionally used for:

    • worms, flukes & parasites
    • constipation & hemorrhoids
    • fungal & toxic blood conditions
    • mouth sores & herpes
    • acne, eczema & skin conditions

    Black Walnut Extract is part of the famous Hulda Clark Parasite Programme.


  • Bowel Cleanse 1

    Bowel Cleanse 1

    Dr Hulda Clark's Bowel Cleanse 1 contains all the ingredients she recommends.  Hulda Clark suggests bacteria may be responsible for:

    • General ill health
    • Poor nutirent uptake
    • Gut pain or tummy ache
    • Bloating & wind or gas
    • Gut dysbiosis, IBS & constipation


  • Cascara Sagrada 450mg

    Cascara Sagrada 450mg

    Component of the bowel program by Dr. Hulda Clark for regulation of bowel function.  Benefits:

    • Chronic constipation herb
    • Not habit forming
    • May restores colon tone
    • Softens Stools
    • Increases liver, gallbladder & pancreatic secretions
  • Intestinal 1

    Intestinal 1

    Replaces Dr Schulze's "Intestinal Formula 1"
    Proprietary blend of:

    • Cape Aloe (Aloe Ferox)
    • Buckthorne (Frangula Alnus)
    • Senna (Cassia Angusifolia)
    • Cascara (Rhamnus Purshiana)
    • Oregan Grape (Mahonia Aquifolium)
    • Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)
    • Garlic (Allium Sativum)
    • Cayenne (Capsicum Annum)


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  • Nu-Zymes


    Nu-Zymes™ all natural enzymes support a healthy digestive system & may help you:
    • Enjoy your favorite foods again
    • Head off heartburn
    • Reduce Acid reflux & indigestion
    Natural Enzymes help break down proteins, carbs, fats, lactose and more.
  • Papain

    Papain 500 mg / 100 Kps.

    Papain ist ein eiweißspaltendes Enzym und hat verschiedene positive Wirkungen auf den Körper.

    • soll Verdauung fördern
    • unterstützt den Fettabbau
    • unterstützt und stimuliert das Immunsystem




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  • Potassium Gluconate 595 mg / 100 Tbl.

    Potassium Gluconate 595 mg / 100 Tbl.

    94% of the body's Potassium is stored inside the cells.  Potassium is impotant for:

    • Proper water balance
    • Cardiac function
    • Neuromuscular health



8 Item(s)

per page

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